Monday, February 24, 2020

(Love) Message in Pop Culture Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

(Love) Message in Pop Culture Paper - Essay Example ngs such as â€Å"The message† and â€Å"The adventure.† It sets straight his path on purpose and stress on living a life that is positive showing love to everyone. The release of sophomore, I-Empire transforms their inner self and having a facelift of their outside. The songs â€Å"Everything is magic† and â€Å"secret crowds† facilitated their outward transformation. They sang on transforming the world that surrounds us. Then lastly, Love pt.1. This is the ultimate point where their message is fully let out. It deliberates more on the relationship that binds us. The two albums have had an impact on life mysteries and the beauty power. All this is contained in majestic synths crescendo, soar of guitar riffs and drums pulsation. The song has transformed many. It has left many looking for experiences. Just like the biblical prophet his message felt on the deaf hears. He was discriminated on by religious crowds. This is same as the biblical story on reception of John the Baptist. Despite of the discrimination he flew high influencing their customers with potty humor and pants that are baggy. They equip their listeners with messages of love and hope. He is critical on the position of the church. This was largely on double Christian nature an hypocrisy. His lyrics invoke backbiting images and the urge to look holier when our actions stand on its own. He clearly jogs our memory by informing us that we benefit less in assuming a grin that is fake, acting as if we are fine yet we are broken and hearted. In his role as an artist he crafts his teaching from the bible. He assumes a role similar to that played by biblical John. So to his lyrics he lays bare the heart wrenching future visions, of violence and war. However, this also carries the message of truth, love and hope. These words exceed our understanding. His revelations are all in form of love, hope and the end of the world. He is simply honest yet his approach on acknowledging the return of Christ is unique. He

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