Thursday, November 21, 2019

Grants Narrative Statement of Need - Fleishhacker Foundation Education Assignment

Grants Narrative Statement of Need - Fleishhacker Foundation Education Program - Assignment Example This essay declares that Boys and Girls Club believe that all children in San Francisco deserve high quality education, which will enable them became responsible citizens of San Francisco in particular, and the Unites States of America in general, in future. Boys and Girls Club prides itself in striving to provide safe environment which is necessary for academic excellence of students; with a special focus on children from low income households in San Francisco. Ensuring that all children from low income households; graduate from high schools and join university and colleges is one of our main desires. This paper makes a conclusion that improving education infrastructure in public schools will enable children from low income households complete education processes successfully. San Francisco Unified School District is one of the largest school districts found in California. The average graduation rate is 66%. An ethnic breakdown of this data reveals a worrying trend in the education sector; African Americans graduation rate is 49%, Latino 48%, Asian 76%, and white 64%. Less than 50% of African and Latino Americans graduated from the high schools in San Francisco. Majority of African Americans and Latino Americans come from low income households; and this explains the high rates of high school drop outs. Low income children cannot afford to study in schools which have all the required academic infrastructures; due to the high fees charged. This calls for a project like ours that will make good education infrastructure accessible to many children as possible.

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